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Nursing Home Scheduling Software

Schedule Your Team 10x Faster

A better way to manage senior living teams. Record team hours, access a cloud-based employee database (with live certification tracking), schedule and communicate with teams, and review your HR data all on one platform.

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The Only Platform Managers
Need to Oversee Their Teams

Schedule Your Staff in Minutes

With our scheduler you can organize your team with just a few clicks. When you're done easily share the schedule with your team, or export it and email to necessary parties.

Track your team's hours with a clock-in system

Easily keep track of your team's hours with a clock in and out system. Set up a community portal or have teams use the mobile app. You'll automatically keep track of their hours.

Effortlessly communicate with your entire team

Company wide memo? Schedule update? Emergency note? No problem. Send your team a quick memo through the platform.

Complete payroll in a couple clicks

At the end of each payroll period, review and approve the hours your team has clocked. You'll then automatically store these records in the database. You can also easily export to your payroll system of choice.

Keep your team's
records in one place

Store your team's records on the cloud so they're easily accessible when you need them. Including contact information, vaccination & certification records, payroll records, schedules, and more.

Keep track of certifications and vaccines

By storing your records on the cloud managers and employees can update them, including adding photo copies for proof. Our notifications system will send you a reminder if someone's certifications are out of date or incomplete.

Review hours and export to payroll in a snap

It's never been easier to review timesheets, our system will display every team members timesheet to the manager on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Once timesheets are approved they are then confirmed and sent to the assigned accountant.

Get a 10,000-foot View of Operations

Start tracking what that matter most to your business, with the analytics dashboard. Graph key metrics like hours worked, retention, and turnover. Ensuring your strategy always reflects relevant information.

Keep Teams on Track
with the Mobile App

Empower your team with real-time data about their job. The Huddle mobile app is built so users can get what they need easily and quickly, so they can focus on what matters.

Clock in and out right from their phone

Teams can clock in and out for their scheduled shifts on their mobile devices. This is locked to your premises location.

Give live access of the schedule

Your team always has a current version of their schedule. Make a change? No problem, your team can see it immediately.

Allow team members to request time-off

Request vacation, sick days, bereavement and so on. Manager are notified about requests and keep records of days off.

Start scheduling your
team 10x faster

Huddle removes the paperwork, so you can focus on leading instead of administrating.

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Team Management Software for the 21st Century

Track certification

Employee database

Export directly to spreadsheets

'A-Z' team management

Digital record keeping

Automatic alerts

Mobile accessibility

Analytics dashboard

Software that helps senior living managers oversee their teams faster.
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