April 1, 2024

Best Assisted Living Software in 2024

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Navigating the maze of assisted living software can be daunting for senior living tech providers. Yet, this software is pivotal in enhancing the quality of care, operational efficiency, and resident satisfaction in assisted living communities. 

To make this easier, we've compiled an exhaustive guide to the top assisted living software available in 2024. 

What is Assisted Living Software?

Assisted living software is a type of technology designed to manage the day-to-day operations of assisted living facilities. 

It encompasses a range of functionalities, including resident care plans, staff scheduling, billing and invoicing, and compliance management. 

The right software can streamline processes, improve care delivery, and ensure a more efficient and effective operation of an assisted living facility.

Categories of Assisted Living Software

To provide a structured overview, we've categorized the software into essential areas of operation within assisted living communities:

Staff Scheduling and HR for Senior Living

Huddle Teams: cloud-based scheduling and timetracking software with an easy-to-use interface. Users claim it’s simple and straightforward. Has team communication capabilities. Visit Huddle’s website.

OnShift: A cloud-based staff scheduling tool that addresses the unique challenges of healthcare staffing, focusing on employee engagement, labor management, and predictive analytics. Visit OnShift's website.

Deputy: Offers simple yet powerful scheduling and time tracking features that cater to the dynamic needs of senior living facilities. Visit Deputy's website.

When I Work: Simplifies employee scheduling, time tracking, and communication, making it easier for senior living facilities to manage their workforce efficiently. Visit When I Work's website.

Zimmet Healthcare Services Group: Provides consulting services focused on compliance, reimbursement, and clinical management for the post-acute care industry, including tools and strategies to optimize staffing and operational efficiency. Visit Zimmet Healthcare Services Group's website.

Kronos for Healthcare: Provides workforce management solutions tailored for the healthcare sector, including senior living communities, focusing on staff scheduling, time tracking, and HR management. Visit Kronos's website.

ShiftWizard: A healthcare staffing solution that offers intuitive staff scheduling, allowing for efficient management of shifts and personnel needs in senior living facilities. Visit ShiftWizard's website.

Resident Care and Engagement

PointClickCare: Offers a cloud-based software platform that connects healthcare providers across the senior care spectrum, facilitating better care coordination. Discover PointClickCare

CarePredict: CarePredict's wearable technology aids in predicting potential health declines in seniors by tracking their daily activities and physical condition. This proactive approach allows for timely interventions. Visit CarePredict's website.

iN2L (It's Never 2 Late): Specializes in engaging residents through personalized content that includes games, social media, and various activities tailored to enhance the cognitive functions and social interactions of seniors. Visit iN2L's website.

StoriiCare: A care coordination and engagement platform that facilitates the sharing of life stories among residents, families, and caregivers, thereby improving the care experience and fostering deeper connections. Visit StoriiCare's website.

SilverSphere: Offers a range of emergency call systems to ensure resident safety and peace of mind. Their technology enables swift communication between residents and caregivers in times of need. Visit SilverSphere's website.

Linked Senior: An evidence-based engagement platform designed to elevate the living experience of seniors by offering accessible and meaningful activities tailored to their interests and abilities. Visit Linked Senior's website.

VirtuSense: An advanced system that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor residents' movements, predicting and preventing falls before they happen. Visit VirtuSense's website.

MyndYou: Offers cognitive engagement tools that facilitate remote monitoring and engagement of residents, leveraging AI to analyze speech and activity patterns for early detection of health issues. Visit MyndYou's website.

Medication Management

MatrixCare: Known for its comprehensive EHR system, MatrixCare also excels in medication management, ensuring accuracy in medication administration and tracking. Visit MatrixCare's website.

ECP (Extended Care Pro): ECP focuses on electronic medication administration records (eMAR), streamlining the medication management process to ensure compliance and resident safety. Visit ECP's website.

Tabula Pro: Streamlines medication management processes for senior living communities, ensuring accuracy and compliance with medication administration. Visit Tabula Pro's website.

MedMinder: Provides simplified medication dispensing solutions that alert residents when it's time to take their medication, reducing the risk of missed or incorrect doses. Visit MedMinder's website.

Omnicell: Provides comprehensive medication management solutions, including automated dispensing systems that ensure accuracy and safety in medication administration. Visit Omnicell's website.

PharMerica: A full-service pharmacy solution that offers on-site pharmacy services, medication management technology, and consulting to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of medication management in senior living. Visit PharMerica's website.

Facility Management and Operations

Yardi Voyager Senior Housing: Offers an all-encompassing property management solution that integrates finance, operations, and resident services to optimize the management of senior living communities. Visit Yardi Voyager's website.

SmartLinx: A powerful workforce management solution designed for optimizing staff scheduling, compliance, and labor cost management in healthcare facilities. Visit SmartLinx's website.

Sodexo: Delivers comprehensive facilities management services tailored to the unique needs of senior living communities, from maintenance to dining services. Visit Sodexo's website.

Dude Solutions: Offers operations management software solutions that help senior living communities manage maintenance, assets, and energy efficiency. Visit Dude Solutions' website.

EcoLab: Delivers solutions for cleaning and sanitation that ensure safe and healthy environments for senior living communities. Their programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of long-term care facilities. Visit EcoLab's website.

TELS Building Services: Offers a platform for managing building operations, including preventive maintenance and life safety, tailored to the needs of senior living facilities. Visit TELS Building Services' website.

Marketing and CRM

Caremerge: Provides a community engagement platform that also functions as a CRM, helping facilities maintain relationships with prospects, residents, and their families, thereby enhancing communication and satisfaction. Visit Caremerge's website.

Move-N: A marketing and CRM tool that aids senior living communities in lead tracking, marketing automation, and resident retention strategies. Visit Move-N's website.

Enquire: A robust CRM and sales automation platform designed specifically for the senior living industry, helping communities manage leads, tours, and move-ins effectively. Visit Enquire's website.

HubSpot: While not exclusive to senior living, HubSpot's CRM can be customized to fit the marketing needs of senior living communities, providing tools for email marketing, social media management, and lead tracking. Visit HubSpot's website.

Dreamscape Marketing: A digital marketing agency that specializes in the senior living sector, offering custom web design, SEO, and content marketing services to drive occupancy rates. Visit Dreamscape Marketing's website.

G5: Delivers digital marketing solutions, including websites, SEO, and paid advertising, designed to attract and convert leads for senior living communities. Visit G5's website.

Family Communication and Engagement

LifeLoop: This platform bridges the communication gap between residents, families, and staff by providing real-time updates, photos, and messaging capabilities, enhancing the overall connection and peace of mind. Visit LifeLoop's website.

Cubigo: Cubigo focuses on improving the resident experience through a comprehensive suite of tools that facilitate communication, service requests, and community engagement. Visit Cubigo's website.

Famileo: A unique communication tool that transforms digital messages from family members into a personalized newspaper for seniors, making it easier for them to stay connected with their loved ones. Visit Famileo's website.

SerenaMail: Offers secure email services designed for seniors, facilitating easy and safe communication with family members and friends. Visit SerenaMail's website.

Rendever: Provides virtual reality solutions that offer cognitive stimulation and social engagement for seniors, allowing them to relive memories, travel the world, or attend family events virtually. Visit Rendever's website.

OneDay: A video storytelling application that makes it easy for staff to capture and share life stories and moments of residents with their families, strengthening connections and enhancing engagement. Visit OneDay's website.

Billing and Financial Management

QuickBooks for Senior Living: Tailors QuickBooks’ robust accounting solutions to meet the specific financial management needs of senior living facilities, streamlining payroll, billing, and financial reporting. Visit QuickBooks for Senior Living's website.

ECP Billing: Offers dedicated billing solutions for assisted living communities, simplifying the invoicing and payment processes to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Visit ECP Billing's website.

Brightree: Provides cloud-based billing and financial management software that streamlines the revenue cycle process for senior living facilities. Visit Brightree's website.

Netsmart myUnity: A unified EHR solution that also offers financial management capabilities, enabling senior living communities to manage clinical and billing processes in one platform. Visit Netsmart myUnity's website.

HealthcareSource: A talent management solution that offers tools for hiring, retaining, and optimizing staff performance in healthcare settings, including senior living facilities. Visit HealthcareSource's website.

Yardi Senior Living Suite: Integrates marketing, leasing, finance, and operations management into a single platform for senior living communities, streamlining processes and improving oversight. Visit Yardi Senior Living Suite's website.

Dietary and Nutrition Management

eMenuCHOICE: A dining management solution that enhances the mealtime experience with menu planning, order management, and billing specifically designed for the unique needs of senior living communities. Visit eMenuCHOICE's website.

DietMaster Pro: A nutritional planning and management tool that allows senior living communities to create personalized meal plans and dietary recommendations for their residents. Visit DietMaster Pro's website.

CBORD: Specializes in foodservice management, offering solutions for menu planning, inventory management, and nutritional analysis to ensure residents receive balanced and healthy meals. Visit CBORD's website.

MealSuite: A comprehensive food service and dietary management solution that provides menu planning, nutritional analysis, and resident dining preferences to ensure enjoyable and nutritious meals. Visit MealSuite's website.

Nutritics: Offers a software solution for diet analysis and meal planning, specifically designed for healthcare, including senior living facilities, to manage dietary needs and preferences efficiently. Visit Nutritics's website.

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