March 27, 2024

10 Innovative Social Media Strategies for Assisted Living Facilities

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In the era of digital connectivity, social media emerges as a powerful tool for assisted living facilities to bridge the gap between potential residents and their families. 

It's not just about reaching out; it's about fostering a community, sharing experiences, and providing a glimpse into the lifestyle that awaits future residents. 

This blog post explores ten cutting-edge social media strategies designed to enhance visibility, build trust, and create a vibrant online presence for assisted living communities.

1. Leveraging Facebook Live for Community Tours

Facebook Live presents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your facility in its authentic glory. 

By conducting live tours, you invite families to explore the premises from the comfort of their homes. This real-time interaction also allows for immediate Q&A sessions, enabling facilities to address concerns and questions on the spot, thus building a transparent and trustful relationship with prospective residents and their families.

2. Collaborations with Influencers and Local Businesses

Partnering with influencers and local businesses can open new avenues for reaching out to potential residents and their families. 

Influencers can bring a fresh perspective to your community, while collaborations with local businesses can highlight the facility's integration and involvement within the wider community. It’s about creating mutually beneficial relationships that enhance visibility and credibility.

We’ve worked with influencers; you’ll be surprised by their extensive reach! 

3. Instagram Stories for Day-to-Day Highlights

Instagram Stories offer a dynamic way to capture the essence of daily life within your community. 

From morning exercises to special events, these fleeting snapshots provide a real-time peek into the vibrant life your facility offers. It’s about creating a narrative that resonates with viewers, connecting them to the community before they step in.

4. TikTok for Showcasing Community Activities

TikTok's explosive popularity makes it an ideal platform to highlight your community's fun and engaging activities. 

Short, captivating videos can showcase everything from dance-offs to art classes, demonstrating that life in an assisted living facility is far from dull. It’s a way to connect with a younger audience, potentially reaching family members who play a significant role in decision-making.

5. User-Generated Content to Build Trust

Nothing speaks louder than the voices of current residents and their families. Encouraging them to share their stories and experiences on social media fosters a sense of authenticity and trust. This user-generated content is a personal recommendation, providing an insider’s perspective to potential new residents.

6. Post Community Highlights on Facebook

Facebook posting is still one of the best ways to reach your audience. We’ve seen communities build up audiences in the 5-digit mark, who reach thousands of users with each post. Reaching seniors and their families, as well as potential hires! 

7. Hashtag Campaigns to Increase Visibility

Creating unique hashtags for your facility can significantly amplify your online presence. Whether for special events, seasonal celebrations, or everyday moments, hashtags enable others to find and engage with your content more easily. 

They foster a sense of community among users, encouraging participation and interaction.

8. Interactive Polls and Q&A Sessions

Social media platforms offer various interactive tools, like polls and Q&A sessions, to engage with your audience directly. These tools can be used to gather feedback, understand the needs and preferences of potential residents, or simply engage in meaningful conversations. It’s an effective way to make your audience feel heard and valued.

9. Educational Content to Inform and Assist

Providing valuable content related to elderly care, health tips, and lifestyle advice positions your facility as a knowledgeable and caring authority in the field. 

Educational content assists families in making informed decisions and adds value to your social media presence, encouraging more shares and engagement.

10. Social Media Advertising for Targeted Outreach

Investing in social media advertising allows for precise targeting, ensuring your message reaches the right audience. 

Whether it's family members of potential residents or the residents themselves, ads can be customized based on demographics, interests, and more, making your outreach efforts more efficient and effective.


Adopting a diverse and engaging social media strategy is crucial for assisted living facilities aiming to connect with potential residents and their families. 

By leveraging these innovative approaches, facilities can enhance their online presence, build trust, and create a community even before residents decide to join. In the digital age, a strong social media presence is not just an option; it's a necessity for growth and connection.

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