March 29, 2024

7 Ways Senior Living Communities Can Use TikTok

3 minute read
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TikTok's explosive growth isn't just a trend among teens and young adults; it's quickly becoming a favourite platform for people of all ages, including the elderly (and their children). Presenting a unique opportunity for assisted living communities to leverage the platform not just for entertainment but as a tool to showcase their vibrant communities, educate, and connect. 

Here are a few ways you can get started. 

1. Spotlight on Daily Life

Daily activities and special events in assisted living communities often go unnoticed by the outside world. TikTok can change that. For instance, a video series highlighting morning exercises, art classes, or themed dinner nights can give a glimpse into the rich daily experiences of residents.

Interesting tidbit: Some communities have gained attention for their resident-led garden tours, showcasing not just the gardens but also the residents' expertise and stories.

2. Educational Content and Tips

Health and wellness are paramount in assisted living. Short, informative videos on exercises adapted for older adults or quick, healthy recipes can offer tremendous value. Moreover, tech tutorials can empower residents to use digital devices to stay connected with their loved ones, fostering independence.

Real example: A TikTok video teaching seniors how to use video calling apps allowed many residents to video chat with their families, some for the first time.

3. Engaging Challenges and Trends

Who says TikTok challenges are just for the young? Assisted living communities can adapt popular TikTok dances or challenges for their residents, promoting physical activity and fun. Or, they could start their own trend, like a "joyful memories" challenge, encouraging participants to share a beloved memory or story.

Interesting tidbit: A community once participated in a popular dance challenge, adjusting the moves for seated residents, which became a hit and encouraged other communities to join in.

4. Family Updates and Testimonials

Regular TikTok updates can make families feel more connected to their loved ones, seeing them engage in activities and social life. Testimonials from residents and family members can also offer authentic insights into the community's impact on their lives, serving as powerful endorsements.

Real example: A testimonial video from a resident's family thanking the community for their care and dedication went viral, highlighting the deep connections formed within these communities.

5. Virtual Tours and Event Livestreams

Virtual tours on TikTok can provide a real sense of the environment and amenities offered, helping potential residents and their families make informed decisions from afar. Livestreaming events allows extended families to join in celebrations and activities, bridging distances.

Real statistic: Virtual tours have been shown to increase inquiries by over 30% as they help families feel more confident in their decisions.

6. Resident Talent Showcase

Many residents have talents and hobbies that they continue to pursue, be it painting, singing, storytelling, or crafting. TikTok can be a platform to showcase these talents to the world, celebrating the diversity and capabilities of the residents.

Interesting tidbit: A resident's painting tutorial gathered thousands of views and even led to an online gallery showing off her work.

7. Staff Behind-the-Scenes

The dedicated staff are the heart of any assisted living community. Featuring behind-the-scenes content that highlights the care and fun they bring into residents' lives can humanize the community and show prospective families the compassionate environment their loved ones will be entering.

Real example: A day-in-the-life video of a caregiver became popular for showing the genuine care and personal attention given to residents, increasing community inquiries.


TikTok offers an unparalleled platform for assisted living communities to showcase their vibrant life, educate, and connect with families and potential residents in a genuine and engaging way. 

It’s not just about joining the latest social media trend; it’s about opening a window to the world that says, "Look, this is us, and we’re proud of our community." Whether through a resident’s painting tutorial or a simple video of daily life, every post is an opportunity to tell a story that resonates.

If you're part of an assisted living community or have loved ones who are, consider the power of TikTok not just for entertainment but as a bridge to understanding, connecting, and celebrating the lives of those in assisted living. Let's make every moment count and share those moments with the world.

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