March 20, 2024

20 YouTube Channels for Seniors in Assisted Living

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YouTube has emerged as an invaluable resource for entertainment, education, and enrichment, offering content that caters to a wide range of interests and ages.

For seniors, navigating this vast platform can uncover gems that enhance their daily lives, offering everything from brain-boosting educational content and gentle fitness routines to tech tutorials and nostalgic entertainment.

Assisted living community managers and owners have a unique opportunity to integrate this diverse and accessible resource into their programming, enriching the lives of their residents with a blend of learning, wellness, and joy.

Recognizing the potential of YouTube to serve as a bridge to knowledge, health, and community, we've curated a list of 20 YouTube channels that cater specifically to the interests and needs of senior audiences.

Whether your community has a shared interest in historical documentaries, a collective goal to stay active, or a passion for culinary adventures, there's something on YouTube to ignite curiosity and encourage a sense of engagement.

Below, we explore channels that offer gentle yoga sessions designed for seniors, tech tutorials that demystify the digital world, cooking shows that inspire nutritious meals, and so much more.


1. The History Channel: Offers a plethora of documentaries and series covering various historical events and figures, perfect for history buffs.

2. National Geographic: Features stunning documentaries about nature, science, culture, and exploration, ideal for lifelong learners.

3. TED Talks: Delivers thought-provoking talks on a wide range of topics by experts and innovators from around the globe.

4. Khan Academy: Provides free educational tutorials on subjects such as math, science, economics, and humanities.

Health & Wellness

5. Yoga With Adriene: Features a variety of yoga sessions, including gentle yoga practices suitable for seniors.

6. The Fitness Marshall: Offers fun, energetic dance workouts that can be adapted for all fitness levels.

7. Bob & Brad: Hosted by two physical therapists, this channel provides practical advice on managing common aches and pains.

8. SilverSneakers: Tailors fitness videos specifically for seniors, focusing on strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Cooking & Nutrition

9. Downshiftology: Shares healthy, simple recipes with a focus on whole foods and gluten-free options.

10. Food Wishes: Chef John provides a vast array of recipes, from comfort food to sophisticated dishes, all with easy-to-follow instructions.

11. The Domestic Geek: Offers quick, healthy, and delicious recipes, including meal prep ideas and nutritional advice.

Technology Training

12. TechBoomers: Features tutorials on how to use popular websites and apps, making technology more accessible to seniors.

13. Senior Tech Lessons: Specializes in tech advice and tutorials for older adults, from smartphones to social media.

Crafts & Hobbies

14. Gentleman Crafter: Showcases various crafting projects, such as card making and scrapbooking, with easy-to-follow guides.

15. The Art Sherpa: Offers step-by-step painting tutorials for all skill levels, focusing on acrylic painting techniques.


16. The Brain Scoop: Explores the wonders of the natural world, museums, and historical artifacts, making learning fun and engaging.

17. Classic Movies Channel: A treasure trove of classic films from various genres, perfect for movie nights.

18. Gardening Australia: Provides tips on gardening, plant care, and outdoor projects for those with a green thumb.

News & Current Events

19. The Economist: Offers insightful analysis on global news, politics, business, and technology.

20. Vox: Explains complex news stories and global issues in an accessible and engaging manner.

For assisted living community managers and owners, incorporating these YouTube channels into your communal activities can offer residents a wide range of engaging, educational, and entertaining content.

Whether it's setting up a viewing schedule, organizing group discussions around a TED Talk, or following along with a fitness class, these channels can enrich the daily lives of seniors in your community.

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