March 30, 2024

Facebook for Assisted Living: Reach 10x More Audience in 2024

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In the bustling world of social media, Facebook remains a key player in connecting with audiences worldwide. 

This platform offers assisted living owners and managers a unique opportunity to showcase the vibrant life within their communities, share valuable insights on senior living, and engage with families looking for the perfect home for their loved ones. 

But with the constant evolution of Facebook’s algorithms and the sheer volume of content, how can retirement homes stand out and reach a wider audience? 

Let’s explore some practical strategies.

Understanding Facebook's Algorithm in the Context of Senior Living

Facebook's algorithm prioritizes content that fosters engagement and relevance, a perfect match for retirement homes with stories to tell. 

Highlighting your residents' daily joys, special events, and unique stories can spur interactions from likes to shares, boosting your presence in the News Feed.

Senior living communities typically have higher engagement rates than other pages, thanks to the children and families of residents who engage with their loved one’s digital footprint. Going viral for a community has a huge business benefit. Think of it like a public relations play!

Crafting Engaging Content for Assisted Living Communities

Quality Over Quantity

Share stories that matter. A post about a centenarian resident celebrating another birthday or residents learning to use technology can capture hearts and encourage shares, organically spreading your reach.

Video Content

Visual stories resonate deeply, especially when showcasing your community's lively atmosphere. Videos of residents participating in exercise classes, music events, or just enjoying a typical day can illustrate your community's vibrant lifestyle.

Live Sessions

Real-time interactions are priceless. Consider hosting live Q&As with your staff to answer common questions about senior living or even live-streaming events so family members can participate from afar.

User-Generated Content

Encourage residents’ families to share their experiences and photos. This will enrich your content and build a sense of community and trust.

Leveraging Facebook Features to Showcase Your Retirement Home

Facebook Groups

Create a group for family members of residents. It’s a space for sharing updates, asking questions, and fostering a supportive community outside the physical confines of your retirement home.

Facebook Stories

Use stories for quick updates or to share snippets from your community's daily life. This can include anything from a beautiful sunrise over the community garden to a birthday celebration.

Facebook pushes stories to your audience, so you can reuse content you would post on your newsfeed, resulting in double the views! 


Promote open houses, special events, or informational seminars using Facebook Events. It’s an effective way to increase awareness and invite engagement from both current and potential families.

Engaging Strategies Tailored for Senior Living Communities

Posting Schedule

Timing is everything. Early evenings and weekends tend to work well for families who are most likely browsing Facebook.

Interactive Posts

Engage your audience with posts that invite interaction. Polls on new activities to introduce or simple questions about favourite eras of music can spark conversations and bring your audience together.

Content Variety

Keep your feed dynamic with a mix of articles on senior health, resident stories, and updates from your community. This variety ensures there’s something for everyone.

Amplifying Your Reach Beyond the Walls of Your Retirement Home

Collaborations and Partnerships

Partner with local businesses or health professionals for special events or informative sessions and share these on Facebook. It shows your community’s integration and active role in the wider community.

Paid Advertising

Utilize Facebook Ads to target families in your region looking for retirement homes. Well-crafted ads can lead to tours and inquiries, increasing your community’s visibility.

It's important to note that Facebook (and Instagram) have adopted a "pay-to-play" model in recent years, meaning posts receive far less organic reach than they did a decade ago. A small budget goes a fairly long way, and you can expect to reach a few thousand viewers with only $50-70. Dramatically increasing the awareness of your community over just a few months.

Analytics and Insights

Dive into Facebook Insights to understand what content resonates most with your audience. This can guide your content strategy, focusing on what truly engages your community and their families.

Building a Supportive Online Community for Senior Living

Responding to Comments and Messages

Show that you’re listening. A timely and thoughtful response can make all the difference in building trust with families.

Community Management Tips

Foster a positive online environment. Set guidelines for respectful interaction and monitor discussions to ensure a supportive atmosphere for everyone.


For retirement homes looking to expand their reach on Facebook, it’s all about creating meaningful connections. By sharing the life and stories within your walls, you can engage current families, attract potential residents, and build a community far beyond your retirement home's physical space.

We’d love to hear how your retirement community has used Facebook to connect and engage. Share your experiences and tips below. Together, we can learn from each other and continue to enrich the lives of seniors and their families in the digital age.

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