"I was using printouts for schedules, Huddle makes it fast, easy, and digital."
Care Team Coordinator, Retirement Home
"A PCH's dream come true"
Director, Assisted Living
"It’s so easy to keep track of hours and make sure I don’t over schedule"
Manager, Retirement Home
"This is so fast. My old software took 10 seconds to load each screen."
Owner, Retirement Home
"Our past software was so cumbersome. This is easy but covers everything we need."
Human Resources Manager, Retirement Home
"No more handwritten schedules!"
Owner, Retirement Home
"It's cumbersome sending emails/texts to our team. I like how I can send them in bulk with Huddle."
Owner, Retirement Home
"Great onboarding experience"
VP Operations, Assisted Living

You've never seen Senior Living HR software like this.

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Digital Scheduling

No more schedule printouts. Start building and sharing schedules digitally, where your whole team can see them.

Team Communication

Reach your team in one place, with one to one chats, group conversations, and team-wide announcements.

Paperless Timesheets

Track team hours with our clock in system, including breaks and shift notes. Which you can easily send to your accountant or accounting system.

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The Only Platform Managers
Need to Oversee Their Teams

Review hours and export to payroll in a snap

It's never been easier to review timesheets, our system will display every team members timesheet to the manager on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Once timesheets are approved they are then confirmed and sent to the assigned accountant.

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